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Reliable Bulk Trailers for Transportation Services in Winnipeg, MB

The headache of logistics can be very time consuming and costly. Logistics is one of the largest expenses any company has to deal with. Let EBD Enterprises Inc. help you by steering your company’s shipping function in the right direction with the help of our gravel. Our professionals start by quickly gaining a deep understanding of your business. Then, we customize our approach based on your business, harnessing proven processes and smart technology to yield operational efficiency. We understand that every business is different. Thus, we focus on providing each client with a solution that maximizes benefits and reduces costs. We are always striving to create tremendous value for all our clients and their businesses in Winnipeg.

Gravel Trucks

If you are looking to transport gravel, ore, salt, sand, snow and other aggregates, you need to use a truck that is tough enough to take a few scrapes and scratches. The gravel trucks at EBD Enterprises Inc. use Super-B side dump trailers. Thus, they can safely transport even the heaviest of loads. With our dump-capable trailers, delivery will be a breeze. Our gravel trucks mainly service Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario, with the ability to service clients coast to coast.

Damage Free Delivery

We ensure damage-free delivery services so that your freight reaches safely and in the same condition you shipped it in.

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