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Super-B Trailers for Heavy Loads in Winnipeg and surrounding areas

EBD Enterprises Inc. prides itself on being unique. From our advanced technology solutions to the equipment in our road transport fleet, each aspect of our company has something to point to customer satisfaction. Altogether, it’s those distinctions from the norm that have enabled the company to grow into one of the most trusted shipping companies in Canada.

We transport all kinds of normal or heavy loads for you all across Canada. We use super-B flat deck trucks to transport all kinds of freight, including heavy goods construction equipment, concrete blocks and other kinds of building material and machinery. Our Super-B trailers are a variation of the standard flat deck trailers. Compared to standard flat deck trailers, Super-B trailers are equipped with two slightly smaller decks that combine to accommodate 60 linear feet of deck. This allows the Super-B trailers to have more deck space, which helps in increased weight capacity of over 90,000 pounds within Canada.


Our flat trucks serve clients all across Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, while also providing expedited LTL services in Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada. All our drivers are experienced and familiar with all flatbed work, which includes hauling coils, lumber, drywall, machinery, and crushed scrap – we do it all.

Our Super-B trailers are available to pick up and deliver your freight on time while providing you with the most cost-effective solutions for shipping heavy loads. We have a well-equipped line of super-B flat deck trailers that help transport goods by road to all parts of Canada and some parts of the United States. With over three decades in business, our reliability and competitive costing have enabled us to be the trusted freight transportation company in Winnipeg. We are now a preferred choice for transportation of weighted cargos within the city, state and country. Our Super-B trailers enable us to provide 100% satisfaction for a job well-hauled and delivered.

Learn more about our Super-Bs by simply contacting us via call or email.

Need Affordable Shipping Options?

We provide our industrial and commercial clients with a varied range of options to ship at affordable prices.

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