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40 Years of Shipping Experience

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Locally owned and operated. We offer dry vans, flat deck, super-Bs, roll traps and more for complete shipping and transport services.

Welcome to EBD Enterprises Inc.: Winnipeg-Based Transport Services

Ever since EBD Enterprises Inc. bought its first truck in 1981, it has continued to grow and expand both its services and clientele base. Based in Winnipeg, our family-operated company transports goods and products across Canada and even into certain areas of the United States. While we specialize in hauling steel, our drivers have the equipment and the experience to offer a range of transportation services to industrial and commercial clients.

We utilize industry-leading technology and advanced management systems to maintain control of your shipment from start to finish. With EBD Enterprises, you can be assured of flexibility, visibility, prompt payment, low detention rates, and selfless service.


EBD Enterprises Inc. offers a wide variety of services. We strive to accommodate your needs, preferences, and timelines, professionally and courteously. To accomplish this, we make sure that we work with trusted employees, train them to be efficient, and guarantee timely service

We specialize in the following services:

Heavy-duty transportation

Roll-tarp service

Steel hauling

Exclusive Services

We understand that each client has unique needs, and our company is committed to providing services that will make us stand out. We offer roll tarp and curtain sides, where we deploy a customizable tarp covering that is light and durable and allows us to transport over-dimensional loads. We are happy to provide our clients with the option of satellite tracking so that you can know where your products are at any given moment.

We offer our exclusive Super-Bs for more specialized shipping requirements. Our Super-B Flat deck division offers coast to coast transportation to meet all your shipping needs. Our fleet of Super-Bs is commendable when it comes to heavy payloads. Our trailers are available to pick up and deliver your freight on time while providing you with the most cost-effective shipping solutions. Our fleet of the well-equipped line of Super-B flat deck trailers helps us transport goods by road to all parts of Canada.

Up-to-Date Transport Vehicles

Every truck in our fleet of vehicles is no more than two years old. As a result, our trucks are far lighter and more maneuverable than older vehicle models. We operate the lightest equipment in the industry and we can haul more payload than any other carrier. This allows us to haul the maximum amount of weight possible, giving you, and all of our clients, the most bang for your buck.

Join Our Team and Learn More

EBD Enterprises Inc. is always looking to hire new employees and expand our team of skilled and friendly drivers. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our services and to see our latest updates. At EBD Enterprises Inc, we have a load for every truck and a truck for every load.

Call us today to find the right solution for all of your transportation needs.

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